The aerospace industry relies on the cleanroom environment and its state-of-the-art enhancements to perform experiments as well as create items like space-flight lasers, the space shuttle, satellites, missiles and space exploration vehicles. Creating aerospace tools require controlled environments so that no contaminants or pollutants can compromise the tools used in the manufacturing process or the product itself. In the case of space-flight lasers, absolute accuracy is essential. Some of these lasers are used to charge the batteries of aerial vehicles. Other aerospace lasers have been designed with an eye toward ablation; that is, the laser is used to vaporize space debris in the earth's orbit. ISO 14644 Cleanrooms and Associated Controlled Environments and Recommended Practice (RP) IEST-RP-.0006.R3 are used as guidelines and standards for measuring particulates in the environment and providing assurances that the cleanroom is in compliance for which it was designed.

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