HEPA Filter Leak Test Using PAO or Dry Test Spheres

PURPOSE: To verify that all HEPA filters, filter housing, and mounting frames located in the cleanroom are free from leakage when operating at the manufacturer's recommended airflow velocities.

INSTRUMENTATION: ATI Photometer, and ATI Aerosol Generator Calibration documents for equipment used for testing will be included in the certification reports.

PROCEDURES: Challenge is generated using PAO or Dry Test Spheres. A photometer is used. The entire downstream side of HEPA filters, mounting frames, and filter housing is scanned 1″ (2.5 cm), whenever possible, at a traverse rate of not more than two (2) inches per second in slightly overlapping strokes. The probe should be not more than one (1) inch in diameter and have a sample rate of at least one (1) cubic foot per minute. Report all results on the test report. Reference IES-RP-006.2 and ACM-9000-PAO.01

ACCEPTANCE: Aerosol penetration (PAO/DOP) should not exceed 0.010 percent of the upstream concentration at any point; however, filter integrity requirements are a matter for agreement between the buyer and seller. Reference IES-RP-006.2

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