HEPA Filter Leak Test with Ambient Air

PURPOSE: To verify that all HEPA filters, filter housing and mounting frames located in the Cleanroom are free from leakage when operating at the manufactures recommended airflow velocities.

INSTRUMENTATION: Particle Counter - Calibration documents for equipment used for testing will be attached to the certification report.

PROCEDURES: Using the particle counter probe, scan the entire downstream side of HEPA filters, mounting frames and filter housing is scanned at a traverse rate of not more than two (2) inches per second in slightly overlapping strokes. The probe shall be more than one (1) inch in area. Report all results on the test report.

ACCEPTANCE: Ambient air should not exceed 0.01 percent of the upstream concentration at any point, however, upstream ambient air may be too clean to leak test within a reasonable amount of time. Filter integrity requirements are a matter for agreement between buyer and seller.

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